Vintage Wood Frames

Vintage Wood Frames

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These unique reclaimed wood frames are the backbone of Dryads Dancing.  We started with a few frame styles and one birdhouse 24 years ago and they continue to be our most popular frame.  Its been a fun journey and I can't wait to see what the next 24 years brings! We've changed the ordering process a little bit for these frames.  It used to be you specified Flat, Beaded or Molding.  Now we've combined them so that we can get you the best frame possible.  At times someone would order a wood style and a color that didn't exist but we would have the exact killer color in a different type of wood.  So now we'll ship either flat, beaded or molding and the best color match we have for you.  you are welcome to add comments in the comment box if you have certain preferences.  We appreciate you shopping at Dryads.  These frames are available in 3x5, 4x6,5x7,8x10,11x14.  Specialty sizes are available in Vintage Frame- Specialty Size category.

Made in the USA.

Frame wood width is between 2.5"-3" and the size you choose is the size of the photo that the frame holds.  So an 8x10 will hold an 8x10 picture and the total size will be 2xframe width added to the 8x10.  So a frame that is 2.5" wide will add 5" to 8x10 to get total outside dimension of frame (13"x15" in this case)




We offer custom sizes and colors! Contact us today for more information