Roof Tin Mirrors

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So you like rust? You're in the right place. Old barn tin has been repurposed to create lots of different gifts and products. The roof of those barns lends itself to many of our creations and this one is in its more pure form. The rusty metal is cut and then fixed to a wooden frame which holds the mirror. The metal is sometimes completely rust and sometimes there are places that the galvanized is still silvery and then there are the roofs that have been coated with the old silvery paint. We try to find a little bit of all the different looks so make your request and keep your options open.

23x23 outside dimension has a mirror opening of 11.25"x 11.25", 12 lbs

23x30 outside dimension has a mirror opening of 14"x 21", 16 lbs

23x36 outside dimension has a mirror opening of 14" x 26", 18 lbs

We offer custom sizes and colors! Contact us today for more information