reclaimed barnwood open bed cab

RB Open Bed Cab

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Furniture is basic, a table or a bed or a chair.  Take those basic necessities and add beautiful repurposed wood salvaged from barns around the south and you end up with something much more elevated.  Our RB collection which stands for reclaimed barnwood is a beautiful mix of gray and brown barn boards.  In an effort to keep the cost as low as possible we at Dryads figured if we could use both sides of the barn wood that the cost of the furniture would be lower and more affordable.  So we slice the wood down to 3/8" thick and apply it to a structure that is made of cabinet grade plywood.  The outside of the barn that is exposed to weather becomes gray and the inside stays brown.  That is what makes the RB collection beautiful.  It looks like a wooden waterfall. 

Made in the USA

approx dims = 24"x 20"x26"

73 lbs

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