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Folk Art Margarita Glass

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Need some fun folk art to decorate the bar on your back porch and love to make margaritas?  This whimsical folk art margarita glass with strips of reclaimed wood that has different tones of authentic vintage paint is sure to make your head spin.  It has been know to make clothes fall off but we're not taking any credit for that.  Do the earth a favor and adorn your bar with this eco-friendly margarita glass.  And as the blender whirs you can brag about how green you are and how you are saving the earth AND the U.S. economy single handedly by buying things from Dryads Dancing because EVERYONE know Dryads is always Made in the USA!  And that's not just margarita talking.

approximate dims = 15.75"x 22.5"  4 lbs

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