Wholesale Terms

  1. Minimum order is $200. No per piece minimum.
  2. Lead time on smalls is around 4 weeks. Lead time on furniture is 4-6 weeks.  We hope to get your order out sooner but there are those times in the year that we get jammed up. If you have a special situation and need it sooner let us know.
  3. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  4. Since we deal with beautiful antique materials there is a chance that the paint could have lead. We seal the real chippy ones with matte sealer.
  5. FedEx ground shipping on small items and freight on the furniture.  We calculate this once we receive the order in an effort to keep your shipping cost to a minimum.  The dimensional variation in our product make shipping formulas terribly inaccurate and our goal is to give you the best product with the lowest shipping rate.
  6. Furniture orders and custom orders require signed acceptance of freight quote and deposit of 50% before order goes into the production queue.  We use two companies to ship furniture and it is always much more affordable to ship to a commercial address.  If you have your own carrier we will work with you on that but we prefer to use our companies.
  7. Colors vary. You’ll never get the same frame twice. That’s the best thing about Dryads… your shipments will never be boring and your customer will have endless choices. We do our very best to get an understanding of your look and feel so you are always delighted with what you receive. Add comments, send pictures, take your time ordering on the website. Check out our Facebook posts showing materials as they come in. In the unlikely event that you aren’t tickled pink, let us know. We will take care of you. Sometimes we ask that you put it out for sale for a month and if it doesn’t sell we’ll replace it no worries. No matter what, we want you to be successful with carrying the Dryad line. We love the product and we do our best to send you pieces that help you tell your story.