Dryads began 23 years ago in my basement. I dug it out myself because I wanted a workshop. As a tennis pro, rainy days were free to dig and once the cement cured to play around in the workshop. A carpenter friend offered to build a coffee table for my birthday. When she saw my design of the table she changed her offer. She said it would be easier to put an addition on my house. So we closed in the back deck complete with 8 windows, a fireplace, a tin roof and a reclaimed heart pine floor. Then decided to clad the interior in reclaimed wood. This is the beginning. The scraps of that addition became picture frames, birdhouses and all kind of attempts to make something interesting and useful. It took an hour to make one picture frame and I was happy to spend time making those and selling them in local eco-friendly stores owned by friends. This business is a 23 year journey that began with two ideas; 1) an upbringing that taught me to just try…you’ll figure it out and 2)the love of old materials. It is all about the materials. Wood with layers of paint that can identify the decade by the color as the sanding takes off layers. And tin that has been keeping a barn full of animals or food for animals dry for years and years. These materials are wonderful not because they are eco-friendly or good stewardship or heightened modern consciousness. The first reason is because they are beautiful. All other reasons after that have to do with caring for the earth and respecting the history of buildings and supporting the US economy. Dryads is committed to using reclaimed materials and to always making our goods in the good old U.S.of A. We use all salvaged materials from around the South and continue to train artisans around the area to make these products with care. That is why we can offer custom sizes, colors . . . anything you want. Thanks for shopping with Dryads and supporting a small company that loves creating special pieces and upcycling so many materials.

Of course there have been friends whose artistry has contributed greatly to the products we offer. Simone Wilson of Pleasant Hugh Studio has shared designs that tend more toward folk art and whimsy. Simone has a long artistic history using reclaimed materials to create fantastic pieces. Dryads takes these and makes them reproducible and shippable while attempting to retain their uniqueness.

Trish Land does so many things for Dryads it’s almost hard to put into words. Product design, styling, social media, business development and marketing. Trish comes from a strong retail background so she helps us understand business from a buyer’s perspective. Guiding us with price point and salability she often makes subtle changes to a product that make an enormous difference.