Skinny Recycled Wood Frames

Skinny Recycled Wood Frames

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You love the vintage wood frames and you want to make a grouping of them.  The only problem is that the frames that are wide limit the number of picture frames you can use because they take up too much space.  Here ya go!  Mix in some skinny frames and get the same great reclaimed wood look, same great vintage paint texture and put lots more family photos, wedding photos and any other grouping of picture frames that warms you heart.  We began the Dryads Dancing company with these frames and one birdhouse.  They are just as popular now as they were 24 years ago.  Now you order according to color and we'll send the best frame possible based on your color choice.  It could be flat wood, beaded board or molding.  If you really need a specific type of wood please let us know in the comment box.  This is a new way to order and we think its going to be much better so please help us get you exactly what you want.  We're committed to using reclaimed wood with authentic vintage paint so there is an intrinsic element of surprise with each frame.  That's what makes it fun.  Our number one goal is to provide a unique picture frame that fits your needs perfectly.  Be as specific as you can in the comment box and we may send you a photo for approval before we ship.  Thanks for helping us make the new ordering process work. 

Made in the USA

The size of the frame reflects the size of photo it will hold.  The wood is 1.5"-1.75" wide.

We offer custom sizes and colors! Contact us today for more information